St. Vincent de Paul

Although he lived over 4 centuries ago, St. Vincent De Paul’s life and works continue to have a profound influence on the world. From the example of his own life and the charitable organizations he founded himself, to the hundreds of other groups who look to St. Vincent as their patron, to the St. Vincent De Paul Society and the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Stores, to the churches which bear his name in almost every state and around the world, his influence in the lives of both Christians and non-Christians continues to grow.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (Vincentians) strive to grow spiritually by serving the least of our brothers by feeding the homeless, helping needy families with assistance in PG&E, food vouchers, rent, clothing and other types of assistance. No act of charity is foreign to the society. We see Christ in those we served.

The society of St. Vincent de Paul meets on Sundays (Bi-Weekly) at 3:30pm. In the St. Juan Diego room at the Shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe on Brundage. For more information please contact:


Sally Ruiz, President

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