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Phase One

Phase One: Shrine & Pavilion Construction
Project Complete 100%

Shrine and Pavilion Construction Complete!

During Phase I construction, together with two buildings constructed we were able to complete the preliminary requirements for the street frontage, for bringing all the utilities onto the site, and for putting in the most of the parking required for the new church.

Today parishioners are able to enjoy Mass every Sunday under our Pavilion. What a beautiful experience it truly is to be able to enjoy the word of God, while admiring all the beautiful gifts He has given us. As we come together for Mass on Sundays it is impossible not to admire the sounds of birds chirping, while the word of God is being proclaimed, while sitting as we gather in the Pavilion. Although, this is temporary for now we can’t help but delight in the splendor of it all.

Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Grotto

A uniquely, hand crafted mosaic of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe created by Vatican Studio, traveled from our Holy City in Rome to its new home, where through prayer many will learn that Our Lady always invites us to greater communion with Christ. The lovely rock grotto has ample room to house the beautiful mosaic image, floral arrangements and over 600 candles. Kneelers provide both ease of access and an opportunity for quiet moments of veneration.


Phase One Construction has been completed, but you may still make a donation to help support our future projects!