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Dear Ministers of Song:

Thank you for the glory you give to God and for your service to the Church and to our parish community. Singing is a most important element of Catholic liturgy. People enter into the mystery of Christ’s presence by consciously and prayerfully lifting their minds, hearts, and voices to God. You facilitate this first of all by your own faith, discipleship, and awareness of the mystery of Christ’s presence to which we respond from the depths of our souls.
This ministry at times requires sacrifices from you and your family, such as: taking time to learn and practice the Church’s liturgical song, taking pastoral direction that may be different from that to which you are accustomed, showing up at inconvenient times when it is your turn, arriving early and prepared. I thank you for being dependable and cooperative, so that the community may rely upon you for inspiration. When circumstances make it really impossible for you the sing at the time to which you are committed, please be sure to get a reliable substitute in advance. No Mass should ever be left without a cantor, since the Church considers this ministry as one of the requisites for worthy celebration of the Eucharist.
May the Lord reward you many times over. May this little guide assist you in worthily fulfilling your important role. May you find joy in joining with the angels and saints around the throne of the Lamb to sing his glorious praises.

–Fr. Larry and the Oblates of St. Joseph


Samuel Nolasco (Spanish Mass)

Ricardo & Domenica Garcia(English Mass)

Music Ministry Guide

Instructions for Cantors

music notes