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Along with the celebrant, the communion ministers, the readers, the servers, the cantors and choir, the ushers too are ministers of worship. This means that they serve God and the community, according to Christ’s call to his disciples to seek to serve others, rather than to be served. To be an usher is a great honor and a great responsibility.  It is not simply to perform a function, such as passing the basket, but to inspire and aid others in encountering Christ as they come for worship.

The valuable qualities needed for this ministry are prayerfulness, reverence for the Word and the Eucharist, respect for the clergy, and friendliness and hospitality to whomever approaches our community. Ushers are ministers of welcoming, who make others feel at home. They help maintain order, but always in a gentle and kind manner, rather than with an authoritarian attitude. They are trustworthy caretakers of the community’s offerings of money. They help people feel secure that the handicapped may be attended to and emergencies may be handled.


Tony Prieto (English)

Javier Navarro (Spanish)

Usher's Handbook