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Engaged Blessing

Biannual Blessing for Engaged Couples
January 23rd & July 26th

January 23rd: Feast of Holy Spouses

July 26th: Feast of St. Joachim and St. Anne

Blessing of Engaged Couples

 At the time of their engagement to be married Christians are in particular need of God’s grace as they prepare themselves to form a new sacramental family.

We pray then for God’s blessing to come upon you, our brothers and sisters: that as you await the day of your wedding, you may grow in mutual respect and in your love for one another; that through your companionship and prayer together you may prepare yourselves rightly and chastely for marriage.

 Lord God, the source of all love, the wise plan of your providence has brought these young people together. As they prepare themselves for the sacrament of marriage and pray for your grace, grant that, strengthened by your blessing +, they may grow in their respect for one another and cherish each other with a sincere love.

May the God of love and peace abide in you, guide your steps, and confirm your hearts in his love, now and forever.

To participate, just arrive early for the scheduled Mass, no registration required!