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Altar Servers

Dear Altar Servers:

Thank you for your special service to the Lord, the Church, and our paris community! The Mass is our greatest and most special prayer and so deserves our greatest respect. Your service is not simply a job, but a great privilege and responsibility. You must first of all listen to God’s Word and worship Him truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist. Your reverence must be expressed externally in each moment, posture, and gesture, so as to honor Our Lord and to inspire our people to worship Him.

This ministry sometimes will require sacrifices from you and your family; for example, the sacrifice of arriving early and showing up when you are assigned to a time that is inconvenient. I thank you and your parents for being dependable, so that the community may rely upon your faithful service. Agradezco a sus papas por sus sacrificios en ver que cumplan puntualmente con su responsabilidad asignada, aun cuando inconveniente.

When circumstances make it really impossible for you to serve at your assigned time, be sure to get a reliable substitute in advance. The Lord will reward you many times over.

May this guide lead you to faithful fulfillment of your important role and to grow in God’s love.

–Fr. Larry and the Oblates of St. Joseph

Who can be an Altar Server?

  • man, woman or young person (grade 5 or older)
  • a person in full communion with the Catholic Church
  • a person serious about the practice of their faith
  • a person who is willing to complete a parish training  and meetings for their ministry


Rosalba Munoz

Altar Servers