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New Shrine Church

Phase Two: New Church Project
Goal Meter 20%

Building Our Mother's Church

Our goal here at The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is to have our Shrine funded within the next three years. We are all very aware of the enormous mission that we have been given, but we also recognize that God would not bring us to it, if He were not going to see us through it.


We reach out to you for prayers and donations. We ask that you take a few moments to pray and ask God to help you realize what it is that you might do to assist in erecting Our Mothers’ Shrine. We acknowledge that without your contributions, this project will be enormously complicated for us to achieve on our own. Nonetheless, we accept the challenge we are up against, because we recognize that Jesus Christ bore a cross for our salvation; the least we can do is honor His mother, by building this Shrine in Her honor and in honor of the Unborn all throughout the world.

Our Mother Mary has patiently been waiting for us to build Her Shrine: this place of serenity and compassion for the many families that have lost a child of Christ. This Shrine will not only comfort the many that are grieving and seeking solace through their faith, but it will also, be a place for the many people that are just now beginning start a family of their own.  A sacred Place of comfort that will allow them to grow in God’s love while knowing that Our Mother Mary and her spouse St. Joseph are interceding with their prayers every step of the way.

Difference Between a Shrine and a Church

Although the term shrine means church, there is more to the word shrine than just that. The word shrine is often applied too casually. Unless the Bishop designates a place a shrine, it is not a shrine. We were declared as a Diocesan Shrine by the Bishop on September 12, 2012. Parish churches meet the regular needs of people in their designated areas, rather than attracting pilgrims. A Shrine is a sacred place with a special devotion that is frequented by the faithful as pilgrims. Shrines are always centered on some image of Christ or a saint.

In this case, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Co-Patroness of the Unborn is who the many pilgrims will come to venerate, and ask for intercessions. Mary and Her spouse St. Joseph together will help many families to heal from broken hearts due to miscarriage, still births, and abortion. Together, Mary and St. Joseph will also intercede for the many families that ask for the ability and strength to procreate. St. Joseph and Mary were ideal role model s for all families to emulate. We believe that together they will intercede for the many that come seeking guidance, love, and Mercy.

Would You Like to Learn More?


Please prayerfully consider making a generous donation to help build our Mother’s new Church!

Prayer to St. Joseph

As we had done five years ago before Phase I construction now completed, this year near the feast for St. Joseph the Worker, our parish re-consecrated the building project of the beautiful Shrine to St. Joseph. We ask that you join us in praying this daily as an individual or as a family. We trust that through the intercession of St. Joseph, God’s Providence will enable us to build for our Mother this beautiful shrine.


Prayer to St. Joseph

Dearest St. Joseph, Holy Spouse,
we implore you to help us build for our Mother a
beautiful House, a great Shrine where all her children
can find her sweet and tender love,
and better know and serve her Son,
Jesus, come from Heaven above. Amen